Monday, January 5, 2009

Jamie Oliver is my cooking hero :P

I LOVE Jamie. Have since he was that young guy who we thought was weird dancing around his kitchen saying "pukka" and calling olive oil his mate and things. but MAN can THAT GUY COOK!! Seriously. I don't know anyone who doesn't have atleast one of his cookbooks or watched his show and not had saliva watering from their mouths. He's quite popular here in Australia. Sydney has one of his restaurants, which I would LOVE to go to one day.

For Christmas I got "Ministry of Food" cook book. The show was just FANTASTIC. He took a bunch of ordinary people (none who could cook or eat right) from a town and taught them simple, yet OH SO DELICIOUS meals they could cook for their family. The catch was with each recipe they had to "pass it on" to others. His hope was that the whole town would be cooking nutritious and delicious meals. Well he had to do some tweaking of his grand design, but it turned out pretty successful. Even I was proud of them all at the end :)

By far my favourite dish is the chicken with parmesan and thyme and covered with proscuitto. Mmmmmmmm. So quick and simple, yet leaves you wanting more. I like to serve that with either roast vegies or his carrots in a bag or dressed asparagus.

Here is a link to his site so you can find out more and see some examples of recipes.


  1. Sweet! I think Jamie is Lorne's hero too.

  2. Awesome post! My mom got the Jamie Oliver Cook cookbook and she highly recommends it. I don't usually buy cookbooks, but I think I may buy that one. Most of his stuff I find has weird exotic ingredients that a landlocked lubber such as myself could never find, but his newest one seems to be more "prairie friendly".

    I watch food network all the time here. My second fav channel. I think an awesome idea for the channel would be to have a "Best of Food Network Cookoff", where all the chefs and people from the channel get together and cook meals for a panel of viewers (not judges) for a week and at the end, the panel picks the top chef. Kind of like Iron Chef, but way cooler! Maybe I'll write food network.

    Anyway, I've gone on too long. But that's me! That's a spicy meat-a-ball!

  3. I find that sometimes his ingredients are called something else here so all I have to do is google and I find what I can use.

    We have this show called "ready steady cook" where top chefs from the top restaurants around Australia cook with contestants and the audience votes who is the best. There are two chefs each show, I think there is about 8 altogether (although some new ones pop up now and again). I LOVE IT!

  4. I emailed Food Network last night, so I will see how that goes. I'll keep everyone posted.

  5. Did ya really email them? That's cool!! I hope they listen to your idea. the show here is very popular.