Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lamb Chops (For Jessica)

Here is the lamb chops that we use. We prefer the forequarter chop as it's bigger and cheaper than the small "chump" chops that they call them. You can also get the backstrap of lamb which is lovely but VERY expensive. We also have lamb roast of which I have posted a blog about a few months ago.

I cook them on the inside grill. I use a seasoning I get from the grocery store that a Greek family makes. It has various herbs, spices, some flour, chicken stock etc. Its a dry seasoning. Its YUMMY :) I have also marinated with Emglish Mustard, red wine vinegar and parsely. Rosemary and lamb were made to go together so sometimes I just put sprigs of rosemary on the chops too. And rosemary, garlic and red wine is devine on the roast lamb.

I like my lamb almost well done, so if its slight pink, I take it off and let it rest. You can eat it rare/medium too.

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