Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meals for the week

Ok here is the menu for this week. I didn't bother last week as Nath was sick and I didn't have time to write about it :) Thanks Jessica for checking up on it!

Monday- scotch fillet steaks and vegies (kids are having chicken sausage rolls)
Tuesday- Roast chicken with lemon, garlic and thyme
Wednesday-Lamb chops and Vegies
Thursday-Chicken and pumpkin pasta
Friday-pasta left overs
Saturday- ?
Sunday- chicken breasts with a sundried tomato pesto sauce and roast vegies


  1. You cook lamb a lot, right? I have never cooked it and only eaten it once. I enjoyed it and wish I knew how to prepare it! I think it is pretty expensive over here tho.

    About Mem Fox... I forget where you asked me about her... but I have 2 of her books. I forget what 1 of them is b/c we lost it in the move, but the other is the goodnight one... with animals. I forget the name of it too! But I read that one to them often at bedtime.

  2. Yes we have lamb once a week, maybe twice if I do a lamb roast. I blogged about the lamb roast. I know that Elisa (Zippy) has done a lamb roast, she just asked her butcher for it. I don't think it was too expensive. We mainly just have lamb chops, we use the forequarter chops that are a bit bigger and less expensive than the smaller chops or the backstrap (backstrap is lovely). With the lamb chops I just put this greek seasoning I get in the store. It has things like ground oregano, basil, garlic, pepper and some other herbs and spices. You can also put rosemary on them which I do sometimes. I have also marinated them in things like mustard and parsely with red wine vinegar etc. Lamb you can have medium to well done. some people eat it rare to medium but that's gross :P
    I asked you on FB about Mem. Ahhhh yes, It's Time for Bed is the one you are talking about with the animals and night. Love that one. Her new one Ten little fingers Ten little Toes is adorable. Harriet You'll drive me Wild is another good one, she also has a great one about elderly people going through alzhemiers, its good. Then she's got the classic Possum Magic. Koala Lou is adorable too.