Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Shower Cupcakes

My friends and I made some cupcakes for my sister in laws baby shower. I wasn't that happy with the actual cake, so I won't use that recipe I found, so I won't be posting a recipe for the cake, but pictures of the way we deocrate them.

We went with a "rubber duck" theme for the evening, hence the rubber duck patty pans but we also made it animal/bugs too.

For the icing we used a creamed cheese/icing sugar icing, and we also did another batch of butter and icing sugar. We used different food dyes to change the colour of the icing.

The butterfly was made using "freckles" for the wings, smarties for the body and pieces of licorice rope cut into antannae.

The dragonfly was made using jellybeans as the body, "banana" lollies cut into wing shapes and a smartie for its head.

For the ducks we cut out 2 "v" shapes from licorice allsorts for the beak and used smarties for the eyes (you could use M&M's etc).

These are "babies" we used writable ink that comes in a little tube for the outer part of the dummy (pacifer) and a jelly bean in the middle of that. The smile was made with some licorice as was the eyebrows. Smarties were used for the eyes.


  1. Great decorating! And the best part about doing something like this? The leftover lollies :D

  2. Oh so cute! I love the duckies!


  3. HAHAHAHA so right Conor, although don't know if that's good for my goal of losing more weight :D

    Thanks Claire. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I think my fav was the butterly.

  4. These are so precious! What a fabulous idea for a baby shower!