Sunday, July 19, 2009

What are we eating this week?

I am pretty sure I have the days figured out for what we are having this week. We are trying to cut down on costs across the board, so there is not going to be as many fancy things each week, and some repitition through the week but you do what you have to do :)

Monday- beef schnitzel, baked potatoes with mushroom and bacon and cheese topping (and steamed veggies)
Tuesday-Italian chicken casserole with rice
Wednesday- Italian chicken casserole with pasta
Thursday-Lamb chops and vegies (chicken sausage rolls for the kids)
Friday- Spaghetti bolognaise (steak and vegies for Arch)
Saturday- chicken pasta bake
Sunday-chicken pasta bake


  1. What's in your Italian chicken casserole?

    Your menu still looks great! When we've had to cut back costs we never at this good!

  2. I will post the recipe tomorrow Nicole because I will make it tonight but not sure if I will change something or not :)

    Well chicken drumsticks that I am using are cheap, and the vegies cost nothing, nor does the other ingredients and I am making enough for two nights so that cuts costs too :)

    With my shopping bill this week I was like $40 cheaper than normal!!!