Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the Menu this week

I was finding it hard this week what to decide to cook, so I just really looked for meat that was on special and decided what to cook while I was shopping.

Monday- Beef Stirfy with Hokkein noodles
Tuesday- OH MUMMA crispy chicken with cherry tomatoes and roast/steamed vegies
Wednesday-lamb chops and vegies
Thursday- chicken breasts stuffed with a garlic/lemon/thyme butter and roast vegies
Friday- Lasagna
Saturday-chicken schnitzel and vegies
Sunday- home made pizza's.


  1. You always have such fancy sounding meals!

    I've never made lamb anything!

  2. LOL I like food I guess. Hubby hates having leftovers too, so I have had to learn how to cook more variety (he hates pasta dishes which I LOVE) so since the new kitchen I have been able to cook alot better than I had been able to.

    You should try lamb one time!! Elisa has made a roast lamb twice now since I told her about it :)
    You can get lamb chops, lamb backstraps which are great for marinating and throwing on the bbq or grilling and then cutting up and putting on top of a lovely big salad, you can get small lamb steaks too. We eat mainly the chops and the roast. Lamb kebabs are great too.

  3. What's OH MUMMA? The rest looks good! I'll let you know if that sounds good once you explain!

    I did make a lamb leg roast using Nic's recipe with rosemary and garlic and it was wonderful. Dh, who generally claims to not like lamb, liked it. I've used the leftovers to make lamb stew, just like most Americans make beef stew; It was incredible. I still have another pack of leftover lamb in the freezer to eat, too!!

    I don't like leftovers either, so I reinvent my leftovers. The lamb stew is a good example of how I do that. ;D

  4. Nic- I only made the lamb once. I will do it again, but with just the two of us I had to pack up several servings and put it into the freezer.

  5. Ahhh I forgot you used it as leftovers, I was thinking you did use it twice though :)

    umm the chicken dish is on my blog somewhere from this year. Its from Jamie Oliver.
    Its chicken (I use drumsticks, he says to use maryland or drumsticks) with sea salt, pepper, olive oil on it. Then you get 2 punnets of cherry tomatoes, a few yellow roma tomatoes and some freash basil and garlic. You just half the garlic pieces, and rip up the basil and throw that and the tomatoes that are cut in half on top of the chicken in the roasting dish and put in the oven at about 200 celcius for around 1.5 hours. The skin on the chicken is crispy and the tomatoes are SOOOOO sweet and delicios. YUM!

  6. Sounds good!! I'll have to try that soon.