Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yummy Mini Quiches

I made some mini quiches today for Arch to take to work, instead of his normal stash of chocolate and junk food along with the odd piece of fruit. My SIL gave me a recipe for them, but I kind made my own up anyway.

Makes about 18

2 sheets puff pastry

3 eggs

1 or 2 tablespoons thickened cream

2 or so tablespoons grated cheese

2 spring onion sprigs finely chopped

50gms ham finely chopped

half tablespoon fresh flat leaf parsely

salt and pepper

1 tomato cut finely

Pre heat oven to 180 celcius

grease 2 muffin trays (12 cup ones) (I only have one, so I just saved the mixture in the fridge til the first lot were ready)

Beat eggs, then add all the ingredients to the bowl and mix.

Using a egg ring or something similar cut the pastry and then place the pastry at the bottom of the pans. Use 1 tablespoon of mixture for each little pan of pastry.

Place in oven and cook for around 20 mins or until golden on the top, leave to rest for a few moments before placing in an air tight container. They will keep for 2-3 days. You can eat them hot or cold.


  1. Oh they sound good - and much easier than I was expecting!

  2. Yeah so totally easy, took like 10 mins to make!

  3. Fabulous recipe and so easy to adapt to whatever is on hand. I used to make them when we did the South Beach Diet...will have to make them again, soon.

  4. I got the stuff to make these this week and forgot the cream! Oops. So I just ended up making zucchini slice instead :-)

  5. LOL Carmel, you could of just made them without the cream, just would of been a little less creamier I guess :)