Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's on the menu this week

I am trying a few new things this week.

Monday-Grilled lamb chops with sweet potato chips (thanks to Jessica for that idea)
Tuesday-chicken breasts stuffed with feta, basil and oregano with a roast tomato, lemon and herb risoni (both new dishes)
Wednesday- Grilled steak with vegies
Thursday-Shepherds pie, garlic bread
Friday- Shepherds pie and garlic bread
Saturday- roast lemon chicken and vegies
Sunday- tomato chicken pasta bake (using left over chicken from night before).


  1. Ooooh, so when am I coming over for dinner??? I'll do the dishes!

  2. Well why aren't you here already :P

  3. Another delicious week at your house, I see!

  4. Ohhh!!! I love sweet potato chips!

  5. Thanks :) Well the chicken with feta was delicious but the breasts were rather thick and it took a long time to cook, so the outside got a little over cooked, next time I would cook this in foil in the oven instead.
    The sweet potato chips were great, they weren't as firm or crunchy as I thought, I think that was putting on the foil, so next time I will just put them on the tray. I changed the seasoning to what Jessica has. I did cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic salt and pepper.