Sunday, May 3, 2009

Menu for the week

So I am going to try 2 new things this week, a new lamb dish and a new chicken pasta dish. I had this awesome pasta dish while we were away so I am going to try and recreate it, I looked online and think I found recipes for it too.

The only day really set is Saturday, when I will make the pasta dish for a friend who is coming over while Arch is out. The other days I will make what I feel like :)

Monday-Chicken pieces with lemon and herb in the oven with vegies
Tuesday-spaghetti bolognaise
Wed- leftover spaghetti
Thursday- Lamb cutlets crusted with bread crumbs, rosemary served with grilled vegies and feta salad
Friday-Beef stir fry
Saturday- Chicken pasta with roast pumpkin and spinach
Sunday- not sure yet, see what there is in the fridge etc and what I feel like. Something not complicated though as its mother's day so I am taking a day of rest :P


  1. Monday's menu sounds really good Nicole. I should try something like this :o) It would be so easy to make!

    Always love stir fry's!

    Tomorrow I'm making taco salad! My favorite! I haven't thought past that lol. If I can find some good looking chicken breasts (ooh la la) I will make your Monday idea. I LOVE lemon and herbs on chicken! Last week I made salmon with dill weed, a bit of pepper and lemon juice. Oh my gosh it was sooooooo good!

    Word is: singl (someone forgot the e lol)By the way, the devul one was creepy hahahaha I laughed!

  2. Your meals always sound so great :P


  3. Sounds delish, Nicole! Especially the lemon herb chicken with veggies.

    WV: worti

  4. Sounds totally yummy. Pasta and baked chicken are two of our fav. go-to meals. :-) I haven't been cooking lately since it has gotten so hot here. I will live vicariously through you, K?

  5. I dont' like seafood but I trust your meal was good Nicole :P

    So Jen (Mama) what do you eat when its too hot to cook? Your toes or something :P?

    I will make the chicken with the herbs tomorrow, lamb friday and can't wait for Saturday's pasta. MMMMMMM.